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  • ATTW: 3/19/2014
  • CCCC: 3/19-3/21/2014


Dr. Bridget Anderson Associate Professor, Linguistics
Dr. Janet Bing Professor, Linguistics
Dr. Lindal Buchanan Assistant Professor, English & Women's Studies
Dr. Kevin DePew Assistant Professor, Rhetoric & Composition
Director of Writing Tutorial Services
Dr. Imtiaz Habib Professor, Literature
Dr. Dana Heller Professor, Cultural Studies & Literature
Director of the Humanities Institute

Dr. Edward Jacobs

Associate Professor, Literature
Dr. David Metzger Dean, Honors College
Dr. Kevin Moberly Assistant Professor, Rhetoric & Gaming
Dr. Manuela MourĂ£o Associate Professor, Literature
Dr. Joyce Neff Professor, Professional Writing
Graduate Program Director
Dr. Louise Wetherbee Phelps Visiting Scholar, Rhetoric & Writing
Dr. Timothy Robinson Assistant Professor, American Literature
Dr. Rochelle Rodrigo Assistant Professor, Rhetoric & Composition
Dr. David Roh Assistant Professor, Literature & Digital Humanities
Dr. Julia Romberger Assistant Professor, Professional Writing
Dr. Joanne Scheibman Associate Professor, Linguistics
Dr. Alla Zareva Assistant Professor, Linguistics